Google Adsense has increased a great deal of notoriety and numerous individuals depend on it for winning great. Truly, you can interface it to your YouTube channel, site just as any application.

Be that as it may, Adsense endorsement isn't as simple as you might suspect, very few ability to do it, which is the reason they fall prey to bunches of issues. Here, you will get all the important data for doing as such. With these sites, you can undoubtedly make a blog and get Adsense endorsement without going through or putting away any cash.

Rundown of Websites to Create an Adsense Account Without the Website 

I'm going to impart to you the six different ways about how to make a Google Adsense account without the site underneath.

  • Admob 
  • Blogger 
  • Youtube 
  • Hubpages 
  • Flixya 
  • Docstoc 

Get a Free Adsense Account with Admob 

Admob is Google's device. It is generally used to adapt android or ios applications. We can get an Adsense affirmed account with the assistance of AdMob, which is exceptionally simple all you need is to pursue an AdMob record and blast inside 12 hours you'll get an email like praise your google Adsense account is initiated or confirmed at this point.

The most effective method to utilize Admob record to initiate your Google Adsense Account bit by bit: 

  • Pursue Admob by clicking here 
  • When you have joined, click on make a crusade 
  • Snap on android application 
  • Select "I don't have Google Developer Account" 
  • Make an Ad Code with any of the formats 
  • When the Ad Code is prepared, leave it for what it's worth 

Inside 12 hours, you'll get an email from Google that your Ad Code is prepared to utilize and your Google Adsense Account Will be enacted.

Google Blogspot (Blogger) 

Blogger is perhaps the best source to get Adsense account affirmed without having any site, It's a free blogging stage gave by Google itself. Blogger gives a lot of room to transfer your information, content, recordings, and pictures on it.


youtube is another best alternative to get an Adsense account, you can make a Google Adsense represent youtube without site inside 60 minutes.

To make an Adsense account with youtube you can follow the underneath steps.

  • Login to with your Gmail record and visit this connection: 
  • Snap on Enable My Account, and you will see another page or window where you need to acknowledge terms and conditions and snap I acknowledge button. 
  • Presently on the following page click Monetize catch and check your Gmail inbox. 
  • Presently transfer another and exceptional video to your youtube channel with appropriate portrayal and labels. 
  • Subsequent to transferring your video, visit Account Monetization again and click on How Will I be paid, and afterward partner an Adsense Account. 
  • On the following page, put your youtube divert URL in the field I Will show promotions on, and fill your necessary data on the following page and snap Submit. 

In the wake of finishing every one of these means, hang tight for 10 or 12 hours and your AdSense will get affirmed.


Hubpages is an Adsense income sharing site, with a large number of individuals working with it. You can keep in touch with them on a specific point and they will pay you.

When you will distribute a top notch article with them you can information exchange for Google Adsense account by their income sharing framework.


Flixya is a site Powered by Google Adsense where recordings, photographs, and sites are being shared. Pursue, top off your full information and transfer at any rate 15 pictures.


Docstoc is again a progressively straightforward and simple approach to pursue Adsense without a site. Only information exchange to and transfer a few records for example txt, Docx, ppt or doc, records with valuable data and apply for Adsense.